Meet Us, Verify and Comply

Being an eToro Partner is great! It feels amazing to democratise money management and make the financial markets available to anyone, anywhere.

When you promote eToro, you are promoting a cutting-edge trading platform with a diverse selection of trading assets that can appeal to any investor, while offering the unique advantage of social trading. That is what makes eToro a leading global trading and investment platform.

But before you get started, you really need to know a few things, such as your Affiliate Manager’s contact details, how to verify your account and how to create a campaign that complies with our regulators’ requirements and Terms and Conditions.

Meet the Team!

We are here to make sure that you make the most of eToro Partners! Feel free to email us with any issues or questions you may have and we will take good care of you.

Each of us is in charge of a different marketing region — we can’t wait to meet you!


When logging into your eToro Partners account, you will be required to follow instructions for account verification. Once verification is completed, you will be instructed to set up your payment method. Bear in mind that we cannot pay unverified affiliates — so make sure that it is all set.


One of eToro’s most important selling points is that it is a reputable brand, providing traders and investors from around the world with a secure and regulated trading experience. It is, therefore, paramount that you create a campaign that is in line with the regulatory requirements and with the guidelines of the jurisdiction in which you are promoting eToro.

Please be sure to read the guidelines in the above link. Here are some highlights:

  • Make sure the information is clear and accurate for the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Do not make false promises.
  • Do not make misleading statements: Don’t mention gain without also mentioning  the possibility of loss.
  • Use relevant disclaimers where necessary.
  • Use our marketing materials. If you have to create your own, please submit them to your affiliate manager for approval.
  • Do not use eToro in your domain name.
  • Do not promote eToro in restricted territories.
  • For PPC/media buying: Link your ad to your domain, not directly to eToro. Do not use the eToro brand name or any variation of it in your keywords or in the ad itself (including the display URL).
  • Be prepared to update your campaign when we request it. We perform regular checks and may require further changes following regulatory updates.

If you have questions about compliance, click here to schedule a  meeting

Please verify your account as soon as possible and be sure to always meet compliance requirements — it is important for our partnership!