Verification & Payments


Verifying your account is mandatory and simple! Follow the instructions on your account to submit your passport/ID and reply to the questionnaire.

Commissions will be paid to verified affiliate accounts only.


Invoicing Address:

If you are an affiliate or network that would like to issue an invoice, please use the following information only.
Issue the invoice in the name of:

  • Address: Sheshet Hayamim 30, Bnei Brak, Israel
  • Company No.: 562926600

Payments on behalf of eToro Group are made by:

  • Name: eToro (EUROPE) LIMITED
  • Address: KIBC (Kanika International Business), 7th Floor, 4 Profiti llia Street Germasogesia, 4046 Limassol, Cyprus
  • Company Registration Number: HE200585
  • VAT identification number: 10200585J

Payment Info

We pay partners before the 15th business day of each calendar month, for commission generated the previous month, if not a business day in Cyprus and/or British Virgin Islands the fees shall be payable on the next business day. If the minimum payment amount was not reached at the end of the month prior to the payment, the payment will be transferred to the next month until the minimum required sum is reached.Please NOTE: Payment will only be made to a counterpart which has complied with our Terms and Conditions, along with related policies shared. Please ensure you read the content we have shared with you. Should you market or solicit in a way which would be a violation of our regulations, you will not be compensated and your account will be terminated.

E-wallet payment

We can transfer payment to Neteller and Skrill. Minimum payment amount: $100

If you would like to receive payments using an e-wallet, please provide your wallet’s address and a screenshot of the wallet’s account statement, showing your full name as the account holder and the wallet’s address.

Wire transfer payments

Minimum payment amount: $500
Please send us the following payment info:

  • Beneficiary
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • Branch Number (not mandatory)
  • Account Number
  • SWIFT Code
  • IBAN
  • CLABE (for Mexican bank accounts)
  • Sort Code (for UK bank accounts)
  • Routing Number (for US bank accounts)
  • Payment currency (EUR/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD)

Contact us here to send your verification and payment info.

Affiliates for whom Israel is registered as the country of tax residence should send additional documents

if you are an affiliate registered with Israel as your country of residence, we require the following additional documents:

  • Withholding tax confirmation: If you do not provide this confirmation, eToro will be obligated to deduct all relevant taxes from future payments
  • Bookkeeping authorisation
  • Bank account management confirmation
  • Tax invoice including VAT with the following company details:
    • Address: Sheshet Hayamim 30, Bnei Brak, Israel
    • Company No.: 562926600
  • Copy of identification document or company registration number

Please note: If you do not produce an appropriate invoice, eToro will issue a self-billing invoice and report it to the Israeli tax authorities.