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eToro’s Affiliate program, eToro Partners, offers numerous ways of promoting eToro on various platforms. One of the most popular methods is to write a review of the platform on your website. Below, you will find an example of such a review, on which you can base your writing. Please note that this is an example only and you should not copy and paste any part of the text below.

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About eToro

eToro is a unique social trading platform that has been democratising traditional money management since 2007, while being driven by the vision: To open the financial markets to everyone ⁠— everywhere.
Today, eToro’s trusted platform provides 20+ million users in over 140 countries with easy access to over 3000 instruments, with the added value of engaging innovative tools and features, and a collaborative trading community.

With the knowledge of a community and the different instruments and trading tools it offers, eToro is a platform where various users, ranging from beginners to experienced traders, can find unique features to help them trade.

A world of trading opportunities

With a $50 entry bar and a simple onboarding process, eToro brings the markets closer to traders than ever before. eToro’s diverse offering includes Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Commodities and Smart Portfolios, as well as copy trading.


eToro offers a wide variety of over 2,000 stocks. The “stock bank” is continually growing and is updated according to the ongoing market situation. Traders can buy fractions of stocks, enabling them to invest in stocks with lower amounts. Some of the most popular stocks include Apple, Tesla, Google, Facebook and Amazon. eToro offers both global and local stocks, fractional shares, ETFs and CFDs.

Buying a stock on eToro by opening a BUY (long), non-leveraged position means investing in the underlying asset and dividends are paid in proportion to the number of stocks owned. Short (SELL) and leveraged positions are executed using CFDs.

0% commission on stocks

For traders from Europe, investing in stocks is commission free, and the same applies to traders under ASIC regulations when they invest in US stocks only. eToro was the first online broker to offer commission-free stock investing in Europe; no management, administration or ticketing fees are charged. eToro also absorbs Stamp Duty and Financial Transaction Tax for clients where applicable, representing an additional saving of 0.5% in the UK, 1% in Ireland, 0.3% in France and 0.1% in Italy. Other advantages of buying shares on eToro include: unlimited trading volume, the ability to buy fractional shares, free access to TipRanks’ expert stock analysis and eToro’s notifications on volatility and market events.

Please note: 

  • Zero commission applies to all stocks available on the eToro platform when investing in non-leveraged BUY stock positions.
  • Zero commission does not apply to stock CFDs.
  • Zero commission stock investing is available to eToro users residing in countries under FCA and CySEC regulations, which include all major European countries.
  • Zero commission applies to US stocks only for countries under ASIC regulations (Australia, Asia, GCC, LATAM). Other fees may apply. For additional information regarding fees, click here.


eToro offers additional functions using CFD trading, enabling traders to open SELL (short) positions, use leverage, and buy fractional shares. For example, on eToro, you can invest as little as $100 in a stock that actually costs $500.

eToro Crypto

eToro offers easy accessibility to most of the major coins, with the ability to invest in crypto with a small amount of money and fast execution. The offering is updated with more cryptos periodically. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have become a popular investment choice for many traders in recent years. In addition to those two crypto, users will find over 40 other leading cryptocurrencies, a variety of Popular Investors who trade crypto and a unique variety of CryptoPortfolios, which are managed by eToro’s Investment Committee.

Real and CFD Crypto

When opening long (BUY) crypto positions on eToro without using leverage, the crypto is purchased and held by eToro on the user’s behalf. Short (SELL) and leveraged positions opened for cryptocurrencies on eToro are executed using CFDs (reminder: CFDs are not available in the US).

In addition, there are over 60 crypto-related assets available for trade on eToro. This means that users can trade two different types of cryptocurrencies against each other. By default, the US dollar is the fiat currency that all cryptocurrencies are paired against for trading.

When depositing in USD, users can trade cryptocurrencies without deposit fees via a wide variety of payment options.

Smart Portfolios

The Smart Portfolio is eToro’s premium product offering that takes copy trading to the next level. This new thematic approach to investing is designed to help traders diversify their portfolios, minimise long-term risk, and take advantage of current market opportunities. Each Smart Portfolio is periodically rebalanced to get the most out of the thematic trading strategy upon which it is based.

There are three types of Smart Portfolios to choose from:

1. Top Trader Smart Portfolios, which comprise the best-performing traders on eToro, according to a predefined strategy.

2. Market Smart Portfolios, which bundles together a select combination of instruments, according to a predefined theme.

3. Partner Smart Portfolios, which have been created by our partners. Examples are: Tipranks; a stock analyst software company, WeSave, a French robo-advisor and Meitav Dash, a multibillion-dollar investment company.

Please note:

eToro’s Smart Portfolios cannot be promoted to clients under ASIC regulation.

So much more than instruments

Social Trading

eToro enables over 20+ million users around the world to communicate, share thoughts, knowledge and ideas about the financial markets.
eToro pioneered social trading back in 2010 and is now one of the largest social trading communities in the world.


With CopyTrader, eToro’s most popular feature, users can automatically copy top-performing traders. CopyTrader helps beginners and traders, who simply don’t have time to watch the markets, to easily leverage others’ expertise.

Users can choose up to 100 traders simultaneously. They have the flexibility to stop the copy, pause it, and add or remove funds at any time at the click of a button.

eToro’s News Feed

Another unique feature is the personalised social News Feed. Incorporating elements from the worlds of social media and the markets, it helps users follow the financial events and traders they like, interact with fellow members of the eToro community, open discussions and much more.

Like on any social network, users can post their own updates and even tag the instruments or people about whom they talk, share posts to their feed, comment on others’ posts and gradually create a feed that is tailor-made to their trading and investing interests.

On the eToro platform, users will also receive notifications when a user they copy writes a new post, an asset on their watchlist becomes volatile and many other important updates. For example, EU users will receive notifications about the stock market status, while US users will receive information about cryptocurrency market fluctuations. They can also ask questions about the market and much more. Notifications appear both on the web platform and as push notifications straight to their mobile device.

Users must verify their account in order to tag other people or markets and to join the discussion within market streams.

Popular Investor Program

Traders who qualify for our Popular Investor Program can build their own investment business and earn up to a 2,5% annual fee in AUM. For example: 1,000 people may copy a Popular Investor with a total of $10 million in AUM, on top of the profits from their own trading.

Popular Investors must be responsible traders with low-risk scores and a minimum investment track record. We provide the tools and support to help Popular Investors grow their AUM and, thus, their earnings, which we augment by featuring them on the platform, in blog posts and other marketing campaigns.

Keeping users updated

At eToro, we try to keep our users educated and informed about the financial markets. This ranges from writing daily blogs with updates and discussions about the market to sending notifications about the current state of the markets. eToro believes that knowledge is power, and the more knowledge our users have, the better they trade.

The eToro wallet

eToro has managed to create a user-friendly platform that enables traders to invest in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with ease. In addition, the eToro Wallet is one of the safest Wallets available, with several high-level security features to protect against unauthorised access, including multi-signature facilities, DDoS protection, and ISO 27001/27032 standardisation protocols.

Users can easily transfer cryptocurrency from their eToro portfolio to the eToro Wallet. However, they cannot transfer from the wallet back to the portfolio.
Not available for clients under ASIC regulations.

Basic eToro Facts

Number of Traders:
Over 20million

Available languages:

Withdrawal methods:
The minimum amount for withdrawal is USD $30.

  1. You must have withdrawable funds available.
  2. Your account must be verified, meaning a green tick appears on your profile (if you haven’t yet verified your account, please contact us and upload the required documents).

Broker regulated by the following agencies:
FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CYSEC (Cyprus), GFSC (Gibraltar)

Leverage limitations for ESMA clients: 

30:1 for major currency pairs (such as EUR/USD)

20:1 for non-major currency pairs (such as EUR/NZD), gold and major indices

10:1 for commodities with the exception of gold and non-major equity indices

5:1 for CFD stocks

2:1 for cryptocurrency

Leverage limitations for ASIC clients:

Up to 1:400 for certain instruments

Minimum deposit:



FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CYSEC (Cyprus), GFSC (Gibraltar)

Total number of assets:

Over 3000 

Number of assets by category: 

Indices 13

Currencies 49

Stocks 2,630

Commodities 49

ETF 263

Cryptocurrencies 41


eToro does not charge a deposit or clearing fees.
eToro charges a flat $5 fee on all withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30. Long (BUY), non-leveraged stock and ETF positions are not executed as CFDs and do not incur commission (they do incur conversion and withdrawal fees).