Let’s Get Techy!

The eToro Partners program offers affiliates several marketing and performance tracking tools. Below you will find an overview of what they are and how to use them.

Marketing Tools and Landing Pages

Once your affiliate manager approves your account you will be able to access the creatives section when you log into your account.

Here, you will find quality marketing tools such as:

  • Your affiliate link: select “links and landing pages” in “creative type”, then select your language- you will then find affiliate links for the landing pages of your choice.
  • Widgets displaying our top-performing PI’s or dynamic rates of top assets
  • Banners and landing pages from our latest and best converting campaigns
  • Videos to embed in your site, ranging from ads to short analyses of assets

To use our tools, copy each tool’s code and paste it into your page. Banners will be updated automatically whenever necessary.

Link builder

Use the link builder if you wish to link to any page on eToro. This will add your tracking parameters onto any eToro URL. This can be useful when promoting a specific asset or a Popular Investor.

Tracking and Reports


Click on “My Report” to find comprehensive reports with which to track and optimise your campaign. A dynamic parameter called “Serial ID” and pixels are available if you need advanced tracking options.

Dynamic Parameter:

If you would like to differentiate between campaigns that direct to the same landing page, you can easily add a dynamic parameter to any link using the “S” or “Serial ID” parameter. You will find it in the reports as “Serial ID.”

Insert your parameter by using the Tracking Links feature on your account, or by adding _S[yourparameter] to any of your tracking links, like in this example: https://partners.etoro.com/B[bannerID]_A[affiliateID]_TClick_S[yourparameter].aspx


If you need a Registration or FTD pixel, please send a secure pixel to Liora Edelstein, lioraed@eToro.com

Bear in mind that:

  • Our pixels are fired via POST method or on the client side by the end user’s browser.
  • Pixels can be implemented in an iFrame or an image source link.
  • One dynamic parameter can be sent in the query string.

One more important detail: Last click counts and our cookies expire after 60 days.