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eToro is regulated in multiple jurisdictions, click here to learn more about our licenses and regulations. 

Can you mention the regulators?

Regulators can not be used as a sales point. This means you need to be careful about how you mention them. Below are a few examples of how you MAY NOT mention the regulators: 

  • Write or suggest people should trade at eToro because it is a regulated brand
  • Mention the regulations as a “Pro”
  • Compare eToro with another brand, using the regulators as an advantage of eToro over others. 
  • Use the regulator’s logo
  • Use the regulator’s name in banners

So what is allowed? 

It’s OK to mention that eToro is regulated and by which entities when simply mentioning a fact, for example as one of many items in the description of eToro and it’s features (in a review for example). 

Be accurate  

Crypto currencies: Crypto currencies are non-regulated instruments, therefore mentioning the regulators or that eToro is regulated in an article or page about crypto would be misleading. Please avoid doing so, or mention explicitly that crypto currencies are not regulated (unless you are targeting a US audience, then there is no need to add this),

US: In the USA, eToro USA LLC offers a platform for US customers to buy and sell crypto and is regulated by FinCen; and eToro USA Securities Inc. is a broker-dealer regulated by FINRA that allows trading in stocks, ETFs, and options. Please don’t confuse the two.