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Payment methods

What should you pay attention to when mentioning payment methods?  

Be accurate

When mentioning payment  methods,  make sure they are available in the country in which you are promoting eToro. You can find information about payment methods and limitations in the deposits page on eToro. 

Examples of common mistakes:

Paypal is not available in some countries (the UK for example) and is available only after the first deposit in other countries (for example The Netherlands). Since traders will not be able to make their first deposit by Paypal in these countries, Paypal should not be mentioned as a payment method when promoting eToro in these countries. If your traffic is mixed and  you are targeting countries where Paypal is available and other countries where it is not, do mention the lists of countries where it is not available, and the list of countries where it is not available for the first deposit. 

Credit Cards

UK and Spain: Credit cards can not be used to deposit funds in the UK  or in Spain (debit cards are available),