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Promoting a multi-regulated platform

The companies that comprise the eToro group are regulated by different authorities. Therefore, different requirements and rules apply to different countries and not all assets can be promoted in each country. The regulation is determined by your audience’s country, and also by the language you are using on your website, the URL extension and the mention of specific countries or country-related items such as local currencies. 

So — first things first — please make sure you are not promoting eToro in a restricted country, as not only will you not earn any CPA for these countries, but promoting eToro in a restricted country is a serious infringement that can lead to the termination of our partnership. So, please pay attention.

Also, make sure you are promoting assets that can be promoted in the country you are targeting. Note that some countries have restrictions on promoting certain assets, so make sure you’re aligned regarding which assets you can or cannot promote. For specific examples, you should refer to the guidelines.

For example, in the US you can promote crypto. If you have special approval, you can also promote shares, ETFs and options. However, CFDs are NOT available in the US and, therefore, forex, commodities, shorting and leverage are not available and cannot be promoted in the USA.

You can find all countries and product restrictions in our guidelines section. Please remember that this is subject to updates.

It’s also important to be aware of which entity offers which product. For example, in the USA, eToro USA LLC offers a platform for US customers to buy and sell crypto and is regulated by FinCen; and eToro USA Securities Inc. is a broker-dealer regulated by FINRA that allows trading in stocks, ETFs, and options. Please don’t confuse the two.

You can find the full list of entities, product offers and licenses on the “Regulations and License” page on eToro. 

Next up — pay attention to the risk warnings. The risk warnings you need to use are determined by the countries in which you promote eToro, as well as by the assets you are promoting. Check out our tutorial about risk warnings in the guidelines section to see which risk warnings you should use and when. 

If you are promoting multiple assets, please use all applicable risk warnings. 

Sometimes multiple regulations will apply. For example, when promoting in Spanish or in English, you can have a mixed audience from different countries. In these cases, you will need to comply with the rules of all relevant regulators.