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How to add risk warnings

Risk warnings must be prominently displayed for consumers to easily read and understand.

Where are risk warnings needed?  

They need to be added to every eToro ad, next to every link to eToro or call to action .

For eToro reviews or articles mentioning eToro, risk warnings must be added at the beginning of the text. However, if you have separate sections on that same page, such as a banner or other elements linking to eToro, they will need their own risk warnings, close to the link or call to action.

On a video, you can incorporate risk warnings throughout the entire video duration, or have a full screen with the disclaimer for 10 seconds at the beginning of the video. The description of the video must also always contain the risk warning. 

Note that if there’s no space for a full risk warning in these elements, you can use the shorter version of the risk warning where available.

Also, if you need to add multiple risk warnings in many different places on a page — you can also do that by adding a floating risk warning that will always be visible on the page.

How to find the appropriate risk warnings

The risk warnings you need to use are determined by the countries you are targeting and by the products you are mentioning. In the guidelines, you can find the relevant risk warnings by country and category. 

If you are targeting different countries, in different categories, you need to use all relevant risk disclaimers. 

There are three things to bear in mind here:

Number 1. Please note that some countries, for example, Spain and the UK, have specific crypto risk warnings. 

Number 2. If you are promoting on social media, you need to mention that you are an affiliate or that this is a paid ad. This can be as simple as adding #advert hashtag.

Number 3. When targeting markets in the US, an affiliate must disclose payments they may receive from affiliate advertising.

Last but not least… it’s important to note that most of the CFD risk warnings have a percentage, and we are required to change that percentage every 3 months. We will post a request to change the percentage in the news section on the eToro Partners website when needed. However, we strongly recommend that you use the dynamic disclaimer percent tool. If you implement this tool, it will display the correct percentage automatically and save you a lot of time and work.