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8 most important things to consider when creating a compliant campaign

8 most important things to consider when creating a compliant campaign

eToro is a reputable brand, providing traders and investors from around the world with a secure and regulated trading experience. It is, therefore, paramount that you create a campaign that is in line with the regulatory requirements and with the guidelines of the jurisdiction in which you are promoting eToro.

Follow the affiliate guidelines and  the below rules and you will be on the right track to creating a compliant partnership. Please bear in mind that we sanction affiliates who promote eToro in a non-compliant way.  In case of compliance violations or non-cooperation, we will deactivate your account and we may void your payment and terminate the partnership.

Please remember to check your campaigns on a regular basis. We work at a fast pace and adapt to regulations and market changes and will request corrections and/or changes as needed. 

Disclose your URL’s

Make sure you promote eToro ONLY on websites you have disclosed to eToro. When you want to promote eToro via a new channel or site, you need to send it to your Affiliate Manager first for approval. We must know how and where eToro is being promoted,

Accurate, balanced and not misleading

Be accurate, balanced, and not misleading. Make sure all the information is correct and up to date. Always remember to mention the risks. Do not make investing sound easy, or make false promises and misleading statements. Do not use eToro in your domain name and do not state you represent or work for eToro.

Banned countries

Do not promote eToro in banned countries. Bear in mind we do not pay for these promotions. You can find the list of banned countries in the guidelines. Make sure not to use the country in the URL, or the country extension, language or mention of the country in the page.

Product restrictions

Be aware of the product restrictions: you cannot promote certain asset types in certain countries. If you are  promoting worldwide, be sure you mention what is available where, or what is not; for example: “Trade crypto, stocks, commodities and forex on eToro (commodities and forex are not available in the US)”. Regulations can change, so make sure you are aligned with the restrictions.

No investment advice

Do not include eToro in content offering investment advice.

Risk warnings

Always make sure to add the correct risk warning in the right spot and in the same size as the rest of your text. You can find the risk warnings in the guidelines section. The disclaimers need to be close to every link redirecting to eToro, on top of reviews and articles, in videos and their descriptions.

Don’t create a sense of urgency 

Do not create a sense of urgency to buy certain instruments.

No disclosure of KYC, no scamming 

Do not disclose confidential information or assist traders in scamming eToro, do not guide traders on how to answer the KYC questions or incentivise them to trade on the platform.